Getting The Bike Warmed Up

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

I was late getting going again today, but I did get on the bike for a decent ride. My goal was, again, 100km or more but I finally got out and realized I was going to be riding in the dark in strange territory if I did 100k. So I got 82k done safely.

I headed South and looked for ways to get out of this place. The roads are a bit weird around here, and my path looks more like line art by a three year old, but I figured out how to get out of the city. It’s bigger than I thought!

I think there is still a problem with my bottom bracket, as the bike wasn’t shifting properly on my path back to the boat, so I will have to look at it more closely tomorrow. My objective is 1000km before the end of the month, and I need a few 100k days to make that happen. I have 9 days left and 770km to go, so I can have some short days, but not tomorrow. Tomorrow I want at least 100km if the bike holds up.

For anyone reading who doesn’t know much about the boat, it is setup with all the features of a small home/condo, and tonight I am using them all, doing laundry, cooking a stew, and doing dishes (dishwasher, yay!). Earlier I also made water to keep the water maker operational (it needs to be run regularly, or ‘pickled’, so it doesn’t get bad stuff growing in it.)

So the boat systems have been exercised, and I am ready to sleep. Tomorrow I finish my posts from the tourist week last week, Pompei and my wonder at this old city. That will be after a 100k ride.

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