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Wednesday, November 30, 2017

There has been a lot of small stuff going on for the past few days, but much of it is boring details.

The photo highlighted on the main page is the pedestrian walkway through town. It is decked out for Christmas, and very nice in the evenings. Taranto used to have an amphitheater and it is documented in many Italian maps, so I have spent some time looking for the amphitheater. It doesn’t exist any longer. This walkway is built partially over the site of the amphitheater, but that’s all there is. On a warm, evening, particularly Friday and Sunday this area is packed with people.

On to the boring details. First I worked on the water system, and dramatically increased my understanding of Jabsco pumps, how they break, and how to remove and install new ones. ;). Overall I am right back to where I started after about five hours. But I have a new plan . . . For tomorrow.

I have also had a variety of telecom issues, but a few euros later and those too appear to be resolved. Getting help in English, in Italy is not very easy. But it all worked out.

Finally, I put about 150km on the bike, riding in two of the past three days. The last 10 days have seen me put about 700km on the bike, I am a bit sore and worn out, but I am really enjoying the time on the bike and the scenery.

Below are four views, three from the road and one, the pedestrian area of town. The first is the Taranto Aqueduct. It runs along one of the main roads into town, and I pass by it on many rides. It just stands there, for about 1900 years it has just stood there. Again, so many pieces of history, and no fanfare, no plaque, no admission. It is starting to show its age, with decay, some bits fallen or falling, but it is kind of amazing to see and quite imposing as a structure.

Every once in a while you turn a corner and there is another beautiful landscape. I see so many here (everywhere really), and rarely stop for a picture, but my sore legs, the need to put something on a blog and a beautiful day caused me to stop for this view. Given my modest photography skills and only an iPhone, this may not do justice to the view but here it is.

Another ‘slow’ day and I am just looking around and I come upon this castle, worn down by time probably, just lying beside the road. I don’t even know it’s name or age, but it makes a compelling photograph. Again, from the side of the road with an iPhone, just doesn’t do justice to the lighting and potential angles, but it is still beautiful to look at.

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