Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

After all of the nice things I have said about Italy, truth be told, we only came here for the wine.   We now have about 20 bottles stored safely aboard the boat and are ready to head back to Greece.

It is currently raining with blustery winds, but the wind apps we use tell us that by early morning it will be clear and the winds diminishing, so it is off to bed for a 6 am wake-up and lots of time at the helm.

We may have an internet connection while we follow the shore down to Leuca so maybe I will type the post about all of the things that make Taranto and surrounding area a disappointing place for a visit.   Speaking of Leuca, we said we wouldn’t stay there on the way back . . . we will see how tired we are, and whether we travel right through, or stop for the night.

Again . . .


Also I did get in a final, short (43km) bike ride, and saw an amazing display by a few thousand birds, making cool patterns in the air.   It is hard to see in this picture, but from the road it was spectacular, even from a half mile away.


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