Cairo, Egypt

December 20, 2017

Last year when Megan broke her leg, her friend Gabby texted me while I was travelling to Halifax and kept me up to date on her progress. Gabby is from Cairo, and has continued to ask us to come and visit her. With Home Free being so close, we decided to make this an early Christmas present for Megan and have flown to Egypt for a few days to see the sights around Cairo

Entry Visas

While we are staying at a hotel, Gabby and her mom Mary have been very kindly making arrangements for us and ferrying us around. The pictures for the next few days will help to tell the story I am sure.

Thank you Mary and Gabby!

These photos are from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. They have so many artifacts, most are not labelled or organized. Most (literally) are just laying about more like a storage facility and dozens are outside as well. It is jam packed with history and it is almost impossible to take it all in. We had two hours after starting our travels at 4am.

The highlights were (no pictures allowed), the Tutankhamen mask and the mummy rooms.

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