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Sunday, January 21, 2018

For those that know Jinhee really well, you may know that she really likes photography.  Knowing that, I forced her to buy a nice camera a few years ago.  Not the ‘best’ camera, but a pretty good one.   The D7000 went out of production in 2013, so it probably seems ancient by today’s standards, but it is a pretty good camera.

Today I decided to download the manual and figure out some of the less obvious features.   Holy crap it does some amazing stuff if you know how to use it.  After a short bike ride (only 35k!) I decided I was going to take pictures of the neighbourhood before the sun went down.   Today, you get to see what some of the neighbours have for boats.     Note these are the super yachts.  The really big yachts are on the other side and I didn’t take pictures of those today.  Home Free is with the big boats, and we are just in front of the small boats.   You can see the hierarchy here.  Small boats, big boats, really big yachts and super yachts.   In Lake Ontario, we would have one of the biggest private yachts on the lake, here we are insignificant; a blip.

Enjoy the pictures.

“Mommy, I want a toy boat!” . . . note the name:  Toy-A.  I am guessing Toy-B is a plane.


The second biggest ship in the harbour is Sapphire.   Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy her.  You can charter her for USD$200,000 a week + fuel and food!

Sometimes one boat isn’t enough.   I don’t know if Lady Ellen is really demanding, or if the owner is trying to impress Lady Ellen with a fleet of boats in ever increasing size.   Either way, I am guessing she can’t be on both boats simultaneously.   I have to be careful in case Jinhee wants to keep Home Free in Europe and then I have to buy another boat in the Caribbean.


This boat isn’t very big, but it is really impressive looking at it from the dock.  Remember the biggest boat in the harbour?  That’s Al Mirqab.   This is Al Mirqab III and I am guessing this is what a dinghy looks like when you own one of the 20 largest boats in the world.


This is Better Place.  A truly beautiful sailing yacht, estimated to cost around $20MM to build.   Y18_121_Better_Place2


The sun on this boat is spectacular.  That is the ‘other’ Al Mirqab, on the left of the photo.


Some of the older sailing boats are really beautiful boats.   That woodwork would take a lot of upkeep though.   Give me a 36′ any day if it’s built out of wood.


Even the older motor yachts have a certain style and grace.  Celestial probably costs less than Home Free, but the fuel and upkeep would be killer on a boat that size.



2 thoughts on “The Neighbourhood

  1. Love the boat show. Went to he Toronto boat show on Friday. The boats were not as big.

    1. Glad you like them Jim. I know it seems hard to explain, but boats this big are of absolutely no interest. Large crews and huge bills. Maintenance up the wazoo. I like 47′ (although I would take a 55 or 60 if Jinhee would let me!), but that is more than enough boat to go around the world.

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