Gorgeous Day in Athens

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Today is a gorgeous day in Athens, and I took the opportunity to do a few minor things around the boat and go for a short bike ride.

My ride was just 40 km, but for any of you that are following my RAAM dreams, I tested my speed today and averaged almost 30km/h, and with the street lights (and failing to record the last 6 or 7 km), that is a pretty good result.   Now I just need to be able to handle those speeds for 8 days straight, day and night and I will win RAAM.  🙂  We can all dream.

Right now I am filling the water tank in the boat.    Given that it holds 1600L of water, that takes about an hour, so this is just a quick post and then I am going to enjoy the rest of the day.   The weather is about 18C and partly cloudy, it feels like a day in mid-May in Ontario and I can feel my spirits actually rise with the temperature.

No new pictures for today, but I will throw in one from yesterday . . .Y18_5380

This was the throne room at Mycenae, and I can just imagine a ruler surveying his territory from here.   The Mycenae appear to have ruled for a long time as traders and were defensive until the ‘sea people’ (who have not been clearly identified) began invading their territory.

The featured image is some of the treasures found in the graves at Mycenae.

Have a great day!

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