No RAW for Don

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I have decided not to ride Race Across the West this year.   Unfortunately my crew chief has had to decline due to work and family commitments, and given my travels related to the boat, the complications are unlikely to improve my chances of success.   I will have to find other races to use as training and perhaps find new crew.

I have been in Toronto for about two weeks now and am beginning to think about my return to Greece.   I have spent a lot of time prepping for RAW, including buying a new bike (A Cervelo S3 with mechanical Ultegra – for bike folks).   Here it is setup on the Computrainer in the condo with really bad lighting.

Cervelo S3

I also picked up new riding clothes, new phone and various other bits . . . alas, it is all for naught as the logistics just went over the line into way too difficult territory.

Over the past week or so I have spent about 15 hours on the bike indoors, including a 2 1/2 hour ride yesterday which is really, really hard indoors (there is no rest like you would normally get on a ride outdoors and no air, it’s stifling really).   My fitness continues to improve, so I will try to continue building on that over the next year and prep for ‘shorter’ races through the year and maybe a run at full RAAM next year.

So this is just an update . . . I will be back in Athens by this time next week, fix the fridge and then find interesting places to ride before heading west through the summer and preparing for a crossing around Christmas.

Next post likely won’t be until I get on the plane next week.   See you then!

8 thoughts on “No RAW for Don

  1. Don,
    Sorry to hear about RAW not working for you. Still, was a wonderful excuse to get a really sweet ride. Love the Cervelo!

    1. Thanks Bob. I will train for the world TT championships in October and possibly the race around Ireland in August instead. You interested in being crew at some point in the future? Your attention to detail and cycling experience would be a huge plus for crewing!

      1. Hi Don, sounds like something we should chat about for the future. I have crewed before (double, triple and deca-Ironman races), so I have a sense of what’s involved. Not sure though of my flexibility before retirement.

  2. Hi Don.

    This is Hyo. Glad to read about your amazing adventures in Greece. Love the pictures and look forward to meeting you soon. Thanks for NKTR.


    1. Hi Hyo. Happy to have a reader or two. I will get more pictures soon. I head back tomorrow. I am glad you have held NKTR through the years. It is now one of the best performing stocks of the last decade. 😎

      I’m always early in seeing things. This time a LOT early. Enjoy!

  3. That is too bad Don but probably a smart move. You know Ultras are really tough enough without worrying about crew logistics.

    1. Hi Peter, if I do a multi-day race later this year, would you be interested in crewing? Your experience on long rides and your calm and patient demeanour would be a true asset. Thinking race around Ireland perhaps, or maybe something shorter in the US.

      1. Sorry Don I didn’t see this until today depending on the dates I would be willing to help

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