Another Day of Riding

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The highlight of the day was a bike ride again. Shorter than yesterday at only 65km I took it pretty easy on the way out. I decided to go to Lerapetra which offered a pretty flat route. Along the way I passed that crease in the earth that I was looking for last time I went East. I suspect that this is the result of an earthquake at some point in the past. Pretty cool if you ask me.

When I reached Lerapetra I actually took a selfie. I was trying to see if I could see Africa. (Kidding)

Lerapetra looks like a rather normal small town but with excellent sea views.

When I arrived I decided that I should take a scenic route back which instead of taking me through the ‘flats’ between the hills, took me over the peak. I didn’t realize how high or anything of the sort at the time, just that I would be crossing the mountain range. And so I did.

This is the view to the south from partway up the mountain.

After crossing there was the downhill. Wow, the descent was unbelievable very smooth, relatively straight roads and grades up to 10%. Fast and fun.

Later I went for a walk along the water. Just one photo of a set of stairs.

That’s it for today …

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