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Monday, April 23, 2018

Given that this blog has become as much a personal log as an update vehicle for family and friends, I wanted to provide a bit of an update on things here.

When I made my plans to come home for this two weeks it was to visit friends and family, some spring cycling in the GTA and help the new owner of our old boat with spring preparation.   Alas, well laid plans are rarely so poorly executed!

On Tuesday last week, shortly after my arrival, our landlord informed us that the unit we are currently renting was being put up for sale.   Given our travel schedules, and preference for privacy, we wanted to find a new home ASAP and reduce three key risks:

  1. We don’t want people we don’t know traipsing through our home.
  2. We don’t want to wonder when we will have to move out of our home, particularly in a very tight rental market for condos
  3. We don’t want to worry about whether we will find a new place that meets our needs while at the same time meeting a schedule dictated by someone else.

Last week was completely consumed by my searching appropriate units in and around Toronto centre.   (I think I saw 13 or so units, I stopped counting).  The market is so tight that two units that we liked were rented between the time that we arranged the viewing and us actually following up to inquire about pricing/availability.  In one case that was less than 24 hours, in the other it was about 12 hours.   These are not cheap places either, one was way over our budget despite our interest.

Over the weekend we did sign an agreement for a rental at 88 Scott Street, which is a new building (the top 10 floors or so are still being finished), and should be moving in June (early or late is still up in the air!).

So … I had grand plans to visit people while I am in the city, but a few other professional/business items have been pushed back, and so if I don’t get to visit you then I apologize here and now.

Meanwhile, I thought I would update that my injuries are healing nicely.  My lower leg that has been well bandaged (and shaved don’t forget) is almost completely healed.  My arm (with hair) has had difficulty keeping bandages on due to clothing and hair.  It looks a lot less appealing, but is still healing well.  It just looks bad.  My head (also bald where the road rash was), is completely healed.  There is still some question about my mental state, but those inquiries have been going on for 20-30 years so there is no indication of new damage to my mental state, just the same crazy as before.

Finally my hip which had little road rash, but LOTs of bruising also seems to be healing nicely, but my original thoughts that there was no muscle damage appear to be wrong.   I have clearly damaged some muscles or connective tissue in the medial group (inside thigh) of my right leg, and am questioning whether I cracked a bone as well.   I may go for an x-ray to make sure that I didn’t crack a pelvic or femoral bone.

For all of the worry warts out there, this is not a big deal.  Even if it is cracked, there is absolutely nothing that can or should be done about it, the only question is should I reduce my training load while it heals, or can I train (and specifically engage in intense physio for the muscle problems) without causing further damage/separation if there is a crack.

So, I thank you in advance for all of the concern, but please, there should be none, it is just the way it goes when you fall off a bike at 40kph onto hard pavement; meanwhile the body is a wonderful, amazing instrument that knows exactly how to manage the whole affair. (Okay, with some protein, vitamins and a lot of stretching/exercise on my part).

Now I am back to rationalizing more of our stuff in storage.   I have one week to sell more stuff that we don’t want to move yet again on Kijiji!!

2 thoughts on “Update From Toronto

  1. Glad your outside injuries are healing up and hopefully the inside stuff will follow suit. Bummer you have to move.

  2. Glad you’re okay, first of all, even if the fall didn’t help the crazy ;P

    What are you getting rid of now? Caileigh and I will be in Toronto on Sunday for a conference.

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