Back At Home and Facebook Thoughts

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I arrived home safely yesterday afternoon, and though I have been attempting to avoid posting while in Toronto, I wanted to update everyone on my injuries.  You are all so worried, and I appreciate it.  I am not happy with returning to this however!


My body is healing, mostly as expected.  Yesterday on the flight I had many strange looks because I was flying into Toronto weather in shorts, but it reduced the chances that my covering on my leg wound would come off.  This is important because the covering on my arm wound has been coming off all the time, and the healing is much uglier.   This is also, partly because my arms don’t get shaved like my legs.   Shaving legs is a really, really good thing if you fall off a bike!!  Anyway, most of the sore muscles are also settling down now, so I can move pretty much normally.   Yesterday I had to lift my left leg with my hands my muscles were so stiff and sore, but today the muscles are basically normal.

Okay, so here are the pictures . . .

Barely Noticeable head wound
This is going to be a problem for weeks. The dry bits hurt.
Doesn’t even hurt. Looks like it should be amputated though!
Saran Wrapped leg doesn’t hurt at all

Finally, I want to invite all of you that want to follow this blog to put a link on your menu bar or whatever such that you can follow it.   I am going to delete my Facebook account permanently.

For many years I have been loathe to use Facebook due to privacy issues, but with my current adventure, it just seemed a natural way to keep in touch with friends and family (and that’s what makes FB so successful).   This is quite unusual for me, because as most of you (friends and family) know, I don’t usually keep anyone up-to-date.   I’m insanely private.  The problem is that social media, by its very nature, takes away your privacy.

Many of you will be quite familiar with the Facebook issues of late, and these are the very same issues which have, for years, kept me off of Facebook and every other social media site.   I can’t control my information, I don’t know who has access to it and I have way, way more to lose by sharing with strangers than I gain by trying to spread happy pictures of me on my yacht to family and friends.  If you want to keep up to date, save a link to the blog and check it regularly.

There are also options for you to sign up to the blog and be notified when I post.  I will try to figure that out over the next few weeks, but within the next two weeks or so, I will be deleting my Facebook profile before I go mad with worry about who has access to my information.

If anyone would like me to work on a blog post about why you should worry too, I will, but just suffice it to say that Facebook and every other media site that gathers information about you, is NOT your friend.  You are their paycheck and nothing more.  Further, this is not a crazy obsessive behaviour on my part, keep in mind that I have pretty significant understanding for how tech works.

Thanks for reading and if I lose you . . . I’ll stop writing so much, but I’m more concerned with privacy than having ‘followers’.

4 thoughts on “Back At Home and Facebook Thoughts

  1. Terrible injuries. Get well soon!

  2. Ouch and ‘eff’. That looks awful. I’m glad you were wearing your helmet!

    1. Thinking about that Hope, how is your cycling going. Maybe now that you are in the ‘country’ you can ride your awesome bike more. Please wear a helmet though. A key line from my description, is that I have been wearing a helmet on almost every single ride for over 30 years (that’s about 200,000 km of cycling), and last week was the first time that I ever hit my head.

      Congratulations again to you and Caleigh. I hope to see your Mom and Dad when they get back and before I leave again, but I doubt that I will see you until summer.

      1. Caileigh and I have been out on the bikes a couple times already since getting it tuned up and ready for the season. We found an awesome bike trail to downtown that I may make use of a lot more. My bike is the greatest. I love it so much and will sometimes let Caileigh ride it too… sometimes.

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