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May 2, 2018

As most of you have come to understand, my world consists primarily of a number of activities of questionable merit. I ride a bike, I read a lot of business and technical stuff and … well, that’s pretty much it. On Saturday, in an effort to seem a bit more useful, I offered to help move some furniture around, because that’s the sort of thing that women like men to help with and men choose to agree to in an effort to burnish their image.

While showing this interest in an improved image, my sore leg gave out, not while lifting a big heavy chair or box laden with valuables, but while exiting the SUV and I pretty much hit the ground. To say it hurt a lot would be over stating things, but it wasn’t something I would enjoy doing regularly.

Walking for the rest of the day led me to believe I should focus my energy on being a layabout so I proceeded on that course, fully prepared to forego any further image improvement. But a funny thing happened overnight, I woke up and my leg was fine. Nothing. Not sore. Muscles all worked properly and my leg moved in all directions without issue. The only reasonable explanation for this is that I have been popping my hip/femur (not a physiologist, whatever) out of its socket and that was the cause of the soreness.

On Sunday, Jinhee was flying to a conference and I went back to my prior delusions of being useful and offered to carry her bag to the Toronto Island airport check in. As I stepped off the escalator at the very end, the pain arrived again and I almost hit the deck. With a better understanding of the problem and a few shakes of the leg … back to normal. I get it. Now my leg is working much better and I understand what is going on. I won’t be doing a lot of activities requiring strength or speed with lateral motions, but I am confident that I can ride a bike. I have decided that I shouldn’t fall off my bike again, perhaps ever to avoid these sorts of issues. To Jinhee’s dismay, I now have a third, very valid excuse for not playing tennis.

The past few days in Toronto have been busy, trying to arrange things for my departure and set the groundwork for moving in late May or early June. It looks like I will have to return at the end of the month to pack and prepare for whatever mover Jinhee decides on.

I don’t think I have mentioned that Megan has returned to Toronto for the summer and will be working at Kinross. Her office is about 700 metres from our current condo unit and the exact same distance from our new unit. She will be keeping Jinhee company while I am managing the boat in Europe. That also means she can help prepare for the move, or so I hope. Please, I have had enough of my delusions shattered over the past few days, don’t tell me that Megan won’t be helping.

One of the big changes that has come about with our moving news is that I needed to free up some space in our storage locker where there is a lot of outdoor equipment. I decided to bring our inflatable two person kayak to Greece with me. It is far more useful on home free than it is in storage in Oakville. So packing was a bit of an exercise, but I am about to land in Athens with it and I am looking forward to having it aboard.

This weekend I have two guests coming to spend about 10 days with me aboard. I will update more over the next day or two and catch up on all of my activities here.

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