Wildfires in Greece

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018

I’m not really updating the blog for now, but for those who are following our travels, I want to let everyone know that I left Greece yesterday and am back in Toronto with Jinhee.   If you have been following the stories of wildfires in Greece, I am not caught up in any of the tragedy affecting those areas.

On Saturday, I did ride 140km, including two passes through Kineta and the packed beaches there.  This area is being devastated by fires right now and the scars to the landscape and people will probably be pretty deep.   Fortunately I am not there.

On Sunday, I rode 200km in scorching heat (35C+, and with Humidex, probably in the low 40’s) towards Rafina, which is beautiful.  I have ridden through the Rafina area twice through the winter.  Sunday, due to the heat, I turned around at Keratea.

Jinhee continues to be very busy with work and so the boat is taking a bit of a back seat for now, but I will update the blog sporadically, if infrequently.

Below are two pictures, highlighted in previous blog posts from just outside of Kineta.   The poppies show a very dry landscape in April.  It is even more scorched this late in July.


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