Cagliari, Italy

Monday, February 18th, 2019

I am typing this from the pilothouse as I round the outer mark/lighthouse on the southeast corner of Sardinia. A local ferry captain radioed to chat and suggested I go into Cagliari tonight instead of anchoring and waiting until tomorrow. I think I will take the advice. That means three or four more hours but a better sleep once I tie up.

This last week has been a real challenge. We fixed the compass problem and refuelled in Albania by Thursday morning, but then the weather report was under estimated. Crossing the Ionian Sea was an ordeal. Both boat and crew did very well, but the sea tormented us from Thursday evening until Saturday at lunch with waves frequently over 15 feet.

Once we crossed the Messina strait between the toe of Italy and Sicily, the water turned to glass and we have enjoyed two and a half days of smooth sailing (although some interesting currents!).

I have to be in Miami on Saturday so I will put the boat into hibernation here over the next few days, send my dad home to recover from this adventure and look for some crew to help me through the remainder of the med in the first week of March.

The boat has performed admirably (but not flawlessly, there is still some prep to do before crossing an ocean) and we have covered 500+ nautical miles non stop. That is a very good test.

8 thoughts on “Cagliari, Italy

  1. We’ll be in Cagliari on Monday 🙂 just going through some of your past posts. Love you! I hope Aunt Jinhee got some rest on her vacation.

    1. Thank you. We are almost done vacation. It looks like you’re ha ha great time. Enjoy it all. Hi tho caleigh as well.

    2. Auto correct is not my friend … I hope you’re having a great time. Say hello to Caleigh as well.

  2. Hi Don,

    Glad to hear you are on the move again. Hope all of the issues have been ironed out. Enjoy your time on the water.


  3. Glad you are safe Don, thats quite a trip. Enjoy your r&r. It looks quite sheltered where you are. David

    1. Your help with the boat history is greatly appreciated. It does look like I might get some time for those islands near the Messina straight after all . . . depends on how fast this thing will move with a disabled exhaust. Meeting Nordhavn UK in Bari later this month.

  4. Nice to read your updates Don. Sorry I couldn’t join your crew as we are deep into getting our building permit and start our house building in the spring. God luck! Will be following you as you sail.



  5. Micheline Montreuil February 19, 2019 — 12:29 am

    Thanks for the update Don. Send me travel plan info when you can. Take care.

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