Rome, Bari and Bar, Montenegro

May 3, 2019

Megan and I arrived in Montenegro this morning, and are moving along on our trip to Split, where she will depart to enter the world of work!!

I am sure the news isn’t out amongst us old people, but Megan will graduate at the end of the month (Bachelor of Mineral Resource Engineering) and then go to work for Kinross Gold helping to make their various projects more efficient.  We are very proud of her to be finished that chapter of life.

I took a train to Rome on Monday to meet Megan at the airport, and then we enjoyed a centrally located AirBNB in Rome for two days while ensuring that the various Roman monuments were still located properly on the maps (kidding, even the 2 hours waiting in lines was so much fun).

Megan at the Colosseum, Rome



Leaving the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel

On Wednesday we returned to the boat in Bari and prepped for an overnight run to Bar, Montenegro, arriving this morning.   Tomorrow we will head North to Tivat, Montenegro, spend the balance of the day scoping out that marina for a summer spot.   After that it is North to Croatia, including Dubrovnik and Split.

I would write more, but after last night’s overnight run, a bike ride yesterday morning and a ride this evening I really should be sleeping.





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