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Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

I wrote a long and detailed post earlier this morning about our trip from Tivat and Porto Montenegro and how we ended up at ACI Marina Dubrovnik.  Alas, the internet ate all of my prose (it was probably a critique!)

Here are the pictures from the post at least . . . next up Megan and I make our second trip to the old town of Dubrovnik.

Here are some highlights from the last two days:

Megan working (without being asked) while we waited to sign out of the country at the customs dock of Porto Montenegro.

Megan . . . not just working, but CLEANING!

The pharmacy museum’s central court had this beautiful garden.  Interestingly the museum had an amazing collection of books on medicine from the 16th century and later, as well as some nice art and a few shells (and associated holes in the walls) from recent conflicts.   A little eclectic, but very interesting.


I don’t know much about christianity in this muslim area, but this church had one of the nicest sanctuaries (is that the right term?) I have seen outside of Rome.   I didn’t put the ceiling photo in here, but it is beautifully painted.   I believe the painting is from the 20th century mind you, despite the church being from the middle of the last millennium.


You can’t see the staircase to get to this hallway, but it is beautiful, and Megan gets lost in the white marble, so this is a better photo.


The greenery really makes this alley stand out.


Megan thinks this is where the walk of shame was filmed (GOT – season 4?)


The old town clock . . . it wouldn’t work as my image for the post  . . . but this clock (and the iron chests, of which I have no pictures) are wonderful works of craftsmanship.


2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones

  1. Hi Don,
    I think I see they are still building in Tivat, I first visited when there was virtually nothing there, so I’d love to see what it looks like now.
    How are you coping with the customs and Immigration? Is it still very ‘Eastern Block’?
    I don’t know what your timetable is to get to Split, but you are about to pass some of the most stunning places on your way. Mljet, Korcula (A mini Dubrovnik and a must see), Pekleni Islands near Hvar, Vis (Komiza) and Solta to name but a few.
    I do hope you get to visit these and let us all know.
    You haven’t mentioned Home Free, so I presume all is running well.

    1. Hi David. Yes, the building at Porto Montenegro is on-going, but there is a new port going up called Porto Novi and the marina will be operated by D-Marin. It was supposed to open in May, but wasn’t ready when I passed. The real estate will likely be fall at the earliest. I have written long messages on the Nordhavn Owner’s Group. Customs has been fine really. Assuming you throw out your schedule and go with the flow, friendly people and almost a clear process (it was detailed in my post this morning that was eaten by the internet). In any case, no worries thus far.

      As for plans, Megan and I will spend another day here in Dubrovnik then head North to split making couple of stops. Later in the month Jinhee will join me for a run back down to Montenegro through those same islands. We will see them to be sure.

      The boat is doing well. A new muffler makes things a lot quieter! I do have an oil leak from the removal of the oil pan in Sardinia, but I will manage that through the summer and then get a new gasket in the fall likely. Other than some minor issues with age/usage, the boat continues to be marvellous.

      My biggest problems outside of the oil leak are with the dinghy, but again, I am going to manage through the summer and work on long term fixes for that in the US.

      I hope your projects are going well, and let me know if you get another boat! You already know these things are a bottomless pit in which you throw money . . . you may as well enjoy it just the same. (I was thinking, perhaps you can get an N60, run it for 10 years and then sell it to me?!)

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