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August 16th, 2019

From the official photographer…


Not sure if these videos uploaded properly but you have to click on it. That was the traffic between korcula and the mainland when we motored through. It was almost an hour of dodging wind surfers and parasails. Incredibly close to many.

That was what the gauntlet looked like half way through…img_4471.jpg

Because Megan likes pictures of doors

Home Free from the window of the museum at Vis

Korcula stari-grad (old town) from the water as we passed the gauntlet

2 thoughts on “Just photos

  1. dcwhalley@msn.com August 19, 2019 — 8:39 am

    Hi Don,
    Yesterday marked the second anniversary of you owning Home Free and you have so many memories already, judging by all the photographs I have just seen. Keep posting!!

    1. David, ‘Your’ boat is a wonderful addition to our lives. Jinhee and I have travelled to the far reaches of the planet before buying the boat, but this is a great way to see things and enjoy the comforts of home while remaining a tourist. We will get the boat back to the Americas this winter and do some ‘local’ discovery until retirement comes, but it will come and we expect to head back to the Med sometime after that and do more here.

      One of my goals was to ride my bike throughout the world and the N47 is a great platform . . . of course you didn’t tell me how things went at that boat show. If you upgrade to an N60, we will take it off your hands when Freddie decides that girls are more interesting than water toys!

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