Alone Again

August 18, 2019

Jinhee departed the boat this morning, leaving me to clean up, ride my bike and most horribly, cook for myself.

I did get two bike rides in today, both short, because the rides here are pretty hard and I am getting old and out of shape.   Here is a picture or two though of what I saw on a new road (which included a 4km climbing section with an average grade of about 9%, ugh).  The upside of these climbs is always the view!



Also I have created a new menu item on the main page titled “Best of … Photos”, and I don’t know that you would consider these the best of, but I like many of them, and will continue to curate some of the great photos that have been taken over the past two years and add further ones as they come to us. (That’s for you Lisa!)


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