An Array of Busywork

August 21, 2019

Okay, it’s official. If I don’t post on Facebook nobody notices my posts.

Maybe I can be my normal rude self. 😂.

Now that I am alone there seems to be no end to things to accomplish. A lot of my prior planning ended last week when Jinhee left the boat and now there is a whole range of new things that have to be managed.

1. My high idle problem remains on my mind. I can’t do too much about it now that it has disappeared, as quickly as it appeared, but I am ordering a product to improve connections. I have discovered the product is made in Richmond Hill. Awesome. Shouldn’t be too hard to get some. [Edit: This is not the case, the website for this product “Stabilant 22” is one of the least friendly websites ever . . . they don’t want to sell directly to consumers apparently (Their customers are organizations like NASA), and so ordering from Amazon is the best bet.  It’s over $100 for a 15ml eye dropper sized bottle.  Hmmmm.]

2. My stabilizers were overheating on the last two days of our journey and I discovered that one of my engine room ventilation fans was broken. A drop in replacement is very hard to find and the Nordhavn owners group has been awesome in providing me with a ton of insight. I have two paths to go down and Jinhee will hopefully bring a drop in replacement blower from eBay when she comes next. If not a local axial fan looks like a refit option. But I would also have to switch from 220VAC to 24VDC. Fun, fun.

3. There are other small items that need attention. The AC still isn’t working properly in all cabins and there are a dozen possible reasons why. I could try to track them down but it’s hot and I can live with the dependable units for now.

4. Each month I try to ride 1250km, but this month looks like that will be too hard. After ignoring the bike while the family was on the boat, I am too sore and the hills are too much for me to catch up. I am sore and tired and everywhere you turn is a ridiculously hard climb. I will be cautious and avoid injury and just ride what I can. (I may have to admit that I’m getting older!)

If I were in flatter terrain with more services I would simply ride the remaining 800km over a big week, a few 200km days and a few recovery days and be done with it but here that is too hard.

5. Part of that difficulty is lack of time as I will be taking a road trip to Warsaw. Jinhee will be flying through Warsaw next week and I will rent a car and drive there and back to see more of Eastern Europe including Poland and about 6 other countries for the first time.

6. Another item, if any of my readers have been paying attention, is getting the boat to North America. It is now decided and the boat will be loaded on a ship, probably in Palma at the end of October or early November. With all of the remaining issues with engines and stabilizers and more, I am going to be prudent and invest in shipping her to Florida.

That decision was, in essence, finalized today but now I begin the planning for my transit back to Spain where I will hopefully spend some time cycling before the boat is loaded on a ship.

That’s it for now. Things are quickly consolidating around these items but it has been a busy week so far.

The highlight photo is the image from the flybridge as I ate dinner. Other than that mast blocking the view, it’s awesome.

4 thoughts on “An Array of Busywork

  1. August 22, 2019 — 9:06 am

    I’ve just had a look at your road trip on Google maps. I hope you have the time to explore some of the most awesome capital cities in Europe on the way. Have fun. David.

    1. Thanks David, yeah I am going to take a few days each way and bring a bike. I am going to do the equivalent of selfie posts on a bicycle . . . try to ride, if only for a few kilometres in a few countries along the way, just to say I have been there. Cheap thrills to be sure, but yeah I will be looking around a bit. Thanks!

  2. Hi Don first I read your posts but don’t always find the need to reply. Second that is quite the list of work to do so good luck. Just a though on your idle issue (fuel filter) may be dirty or need of draining water. Just a stab in the dark.

    1. Hi peter, yeah, no need to reply I see stats. It seems it’s my wife, you and my dad that read regularly! 🤣. And I’m kinda joking. It’s an interesting study in social media reach. Thanks for reading Yes As for fuel filtering, I have three stages of fuel filter and the first two have visual inspection capability, so that’s not it. It’s almost certainly a troublesome connection. I have the mfr rep helping me diagnose. I appreciate the insight though. I’m always learning.

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