Drive to Budapest

Drove from Tivat to Budapest yesterday and saw a lot of countryside.

I did not take a major highway most of the way (until past Sarajevo) and so it was slow and dangerous roads for the first half.

When I entered Bosnia and the border guard saw I was driving a rental he said “A rental car? Good luck!” The roads were crap, but not sure of his meaning, I decided to avoid stopping for any sights in Sarajevo (mostly because I was waaaay behind schedule). Also someone told me to be careful in Bosnia so I was probably predisposed to caution.

When I crossed from Bosnia into Croatia, I had my car searched for 30 minutes. I guess a single guy in a.rental car with a Canadian passport is a red flag. I had a bike and two bags but they spent a lot of time going through the car.

I stopped along the road to see a magnificent sky. Four shooting stars in about 10 minutes. It was a very dark sky. Nice rest, then back on the highway. I wish I could have seen Hungary in the daylight. There were huge tunnels in what I think were flat lands and I don’t know what the were for but I drove through them.

I made it to Budapest and found a hotel room around 2:30am. finally some wifi!

Reservoir in northern Montenegro
Panoramic view of meadow on other side of reservoir
This is a different reservoir feeding a river above the valley (shown below). Will find names later
A very scenic reservoir in northern Montenegro


An interesting rock outcropping . . . from the driver’s seat
This was before I hit reached the tunnels. Very pretty, but rough hills

A wall of trees. The valley was beautiful to drive through just before the Bosnian border

This was before the tunnels I believe. There were about 30 or 40 tunnels through this valley and it was very interesting.

There was also a LOT of rockfall, including one spot where the road had recently been wiped out and a new road put around the slide. A bit scary to consider.

The border crossing into Croatia. My first car search was here!

The line up at the Croatia border at dusk. It was dark before I made it through.

This is where I was searched

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