Short Update… We Crossed

December 29, 2019

We are anchored off Bimini. We arrived after dark and I’m not going in at night in these shallows with poor markings.

It was bumpy. I have never been this seasick before.

It was slow. Down to 4 knots at times. As always, just push through and get it done.

Megan was great crew. Jinhee is always great.

It’s bumpy at anchor but we will find a dock tomorrow. Until then I am on the best diet ever.


2 thoughts on “Short Update… We Crossed

  1. How long did it take Don ? We attempted that trip on Seadoos but had to turn back .

    1. Hi Randy, it took too long. Don’t ever try that on a Seadoo unless you have a support vessel. If the weather turns you have nowhere to go! We took about 11 hours. With our motor running at about 1800 RPM we would normally be around 6.8-7.2 knots, however with the current and waves, the same setting had us running at about 4.5 knots. Some waves dragged us down to 3.9 knots. Uggh.

      If we turned North and headed to Freeport we could have made that distance (about 20nm further) in the same time with the Gulf Stream pushing us along, but then we would have had to battle it from Freeport to Great Harbour Cay, so best to just sit in and enjoy the ride.

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