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May 13, 2020

Tomorrow will mark eight weeks since I left the boat in Fort Pierce, and I am anxious to get back to the boat, but I can’t get there quite yet. Constant surveillance gives me confidence that the boat is in great shape and waiting patiently for my return.

Things in Toronto are warming up slowly (except for that snow over the weekend, that is the opposite of warming up) and when we get sustained temperatures over 10 degrees, I may even be able to ride my bike outside for long periods. I am loathe to ride for long periods in cold temperatures due to the impact of the cold air on my lungs.  While not inherently bad, all indications are that COVID-19 likes a weakened immune system and is very hard on the lungs.   It is still way too early to pretend that we completely understand the virus, but there is no need for me to risk stressing my lungs for a long bike ride in the cold.  So I mostly avoid riding for now.

That means that we remain huddled in our home most of the time.  Luckily there are multiple streaming services to keep us busy when we are not working at the various things that consume our day.

There is some hope that the US border will re-open by May 22nd, and if that is the case, I will immediately head to the boat and prepare it for a move into the Chesapeake Bay before hurricane season.

While planning is difficult, it now looks like the boat may be laid up for much of the summer due to uncertainties around travel.   Many marinas and yacht clubs are simply closed to new arrivals and some local governments have various levels of isolation requirements.   These are not relaxing times for boat owners so staying in place is the more reasonable option.  We will remain flexible and hope for the best.

To all of you reading, stay safe and remember ISOLATION IS THE ONLY KNOWN WAY TO STOP THIS VIRUS!


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