A Short Update

October 19, 2020

Perhaps it is time for an update . . . lest people think I have fallen off of the planet. People might think that because I dropped my cell phone to the bottom of the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal while lifting my bicycle off of the boat one day. I heard the plop, but it took me a full 5 minutes to realize that it was my phone that hit the water (and that water is so dirty brown it will never be found). Luckily I do have a ‘spare’ phone and am now working off of my US phone number. If you have been trying to call, sorry.

In late September, I made my way back to our secluded island home and waited out my two weeks of quarantine. There is a lot to do here, and the property is large enough that I can get out and work on various yard projects. It’s not so bad.

Along with that is the enjoyment of the various wildlife on the island. We have deer in our yard almost daily (it’s the apple tree), rabbits are regularly around the house, and now a fox . . . well, perhaps the rabbits are gone now.

Taken with that spare phone – an iPhone 6 – bad camera!

I am preparing to head back to the boat and the COVID crazies. Heading to Virginia with me will be one of my oldest friends, from way back in university, Paul. Recently retired and looking for adventure, he agreed to help me move the boat South to Florida at least.

The plan is to depart next week for the boat, do some work (haul, clean the bottom, replace anodes, improve the cellular/wifi, fill the fridge and fuel tank) and then head for Florida. That will take about 10 -14 days plus any weather delays.

From there, more maintenance work will be done on the boat (new dinghy motor and controls, service the davit/crane and install a new hot water heater) before hauling anchor again and heading to the Bahamas.

After that COVID becomes a bigger issue. Perhaps I will return to Canada for Christmas; perhaps the family will come to the Bahamas for Christmas. A lot of that is indeterminate with work/work from home, quarantine issues, rules on family gatherings and travel restrictions all impacting future decisions. Just this week, it became clear again that the number of flights available to the Bahamas is declining rapidly as the pandemic rages on.

That’s just a short update. More when I am on the boat next week!

Here’s Home Free, freshly washed, tucked under cover at Atlantic Yacht Basin.

4 thoughts on “A Short Update

  1. Hi Don, will you be on the ICW or go on the out side? Let us know if you need any info. On the ICW. Have a safe trip. Take as long as needed. It’s not a race. The weather is king.
    Nick & Karen

    1. Hi Nick,

      I will stay inside to Beaufort to make sure all is well, then try to go outside where Home Free belongs.

      Weather rules always and I have given myself a lot of time to account for weather.


  2. Hi Don. Welcome back. I’m looking forward to your next post, so I can follow your travels. Dave

    1. I promise to keep you up to date!! Have I said thank you for selling me your beautiful boat?

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