In The Berrys

December 10, 2020

Home Free has been waiting patiently in Freeport for a bit of a blow to move through. It really wasn’t much and I probably could have been heading south much sooner, but caution is warranted, particularly when I am travelling solo.

After a couple of bike rides over the past few days, some time cleaning the boat and making some new friends on the docks the weather was right for moving on today. Around 6:30am I exited the inlet, and made a beeline for Great Harbor Cay.

The water was essentially flat, the winds were modest and the traffic was limited to a small number of large ships and one Bahamian Navy ship. At the end of the day, a catamaran passed me just as I was preparing to drop anchor, but that is it. There is nothing going on in The Bahamas. I kind of like it that way.

As I crossed the tongue of the Ocean, it is humbling to think that there was up to 3,500 feet of water underneath the boat. (Tomorrow, the depths will hit numbers above 13,000 feet. Keep in mind, it only takes six inches of water to drown, it’s just geologically really, really cool.). I did reach the other side and rounded to the south to get to the smaller Berry Islands.

Around 5pm, I dropped anchor off of Soldier Cay. It’s a bit bumpy at anchor, but should be a quiet night with light winds and nobody within a couple of miles (I can see one or two anchor lights a long way south.)

Tomorrow, I will head to Paradise Island (Nassau) and drop anchor again. There is more weather coming just before Megan gets here on Sunday. Best to find a good spot to anchor before it gets started.

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