Allen Cay and Highbourne

December 23, 2020

We glided easily over to Allen Cay from Nassau and spent two nights at anchor there. It was a bit stressful inside the little bay with another area of surge/currents. By the second night, in high winds, we decided to spend our third night at anchor in a more open area.

While at Allen Cay, Megan got to see a lot of iguanas, spend some time at the beach and get acquainted with a number of boat things (davit, dinghy operation). We also deployed the stabilizer while at anchor and Megan was very helpful during that process.

Finally, late this morning we returned to Highbourne Cay. Jinhee loved this place so much last year that we decided to spend a few days over Christmas here this year. Christmas Day will see a short spell of (worse) weather and so it will be nice to be tied up, enjoying a beach or a walk along the island road, and not worrying about the world around us.

Next up, a move South to the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. For now a few photos.

2 thoughts on “Allen Cay and Highbourne

  1. Lovely photos Merry Christmas

  2. Best wishes to you and your family for Christmas. And have a happy New Year.

    Richard and Sue

    PS: Your travels have been great to follow over the past year. Great start to 2021 in the Bahamas.

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