Back At Highbourne

December 30, 2020

The weather here has been windy . . . so windy that launching the dinghy is difficult. So windy that when we do go anywhere on the dinghy everyone gets wet. So windy that it is bumpy, sometimes exceptionally so, while we sit at anchor. So we decided to come back to Highbourne Cay and enjoy the island while the winds blow.

We will probably pull out of here on New Year’s Day even though the weather may not (yet) be agreeable. We will head South again and take some shelter behind some new, as yet unexplored island on our way to Staniel Cay.

For now, we are enjoying the various aspects of Highbourne again. A nice dock, sandy beaches that go (almost) forever, a small store, places to walk, a view of some exceptional yachts, but mostly a place with some shelter from the strong winds.

The views are spectacular
The food is awesome
It feels like a holiday
We get visitors
More visitors
And the crew seems to be pretty happy

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