Cleaning The Boat

February 1, 2021

(Note that this is an older post that I have just made public)

Yesterday we finalized our plans and took the safe and careful option of departing Staniel Cay during high tide so that we had sufficient water to get over the sand bars and get into the Exuma Bank and are heading straight for Highbourne for protection from the storm.

While we wanted to go to Wardrick Wells, the weather and lack of internet connectivity made that problematic. Jinhee’s work is very intense currently and the coming weather was going to arrive quickly and hit with a fury that was somewhat unusual (there is little protection on the Exuma bank when heavy winds come in from the west). Sitting at dock on Monday morning, the current weather conditions confirm that was the right decision and many other boats are scrambling to get into the marina for safety.

The winds are whipping around the marina and the rain is coming down in sheets at times, providing a wonderful fresh water cleaning of the boat. We will sit here until the storm passes, likely Thursday and remove stresses from Jinhee’s hectic work schedule while giving me an opportunity to do things ashore (if the rain stops).

Canadian COVID regulations that are being introduced are forcing us to take more risk than we would otherwise (Jinhee flying home) although if they implement the mandatory hotel quarantine prior to Jinhee’s departure, we may simply make our way (slowly) back to Florida where I can drive Jinhee home.

Not much to say today. . . just a place holder for the events of the day.

The weather chart for tomorrow (Tuesday):

And Wednesday:

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