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February 26, 2020

The last few days have been busy, socially speaking, so instead of a lot of blathering on about how beautiful this place is, I will just put some photos in place so you can see for yourself. While the internet was terrible at Pipe Cay, it is much better at Sampson Cay, but still intermittent. But I did make some calls and finished some work.

The dinghy has been my nemesis. I backed up over my line while anchoring yesterday and had to untangle that from the prop shaft. Luckily I saw it in time and didn’t eat the dinghy. (I towed the dinghy to Sampson!!) As well, after gluing the rubber rail/strake, the glue gave up (it was the wrong stuff, and I knew that already). It will require special chemicals and probably professional help.

Tomorrow, I think I start to head back North. The US has just decided that hurricane season will be starting early this year . . . I don’t want to be in a rush and have started to think about riding on the roads in Florida again.

Hiding Behind Pipe Cay
Looking Toward Staniel Cay from Sampson Cay
Sampson Cay – I came for the internet, I stayed for the protection
Hattie Cay from the South Entrance

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