So Fast . . .

April 13, 2021

Another really quick update before I grab some sleep.

The featured image didn’t come out right so here it is again . . .

An aerial view of the South end of Alligator Creek

This is really just a descriptive add-on to my log book to remember all the activity, but I hope readers don’t mind coming along for the ride . . . sorry for the brevity tonight.

I left Wrightsville Beach yesterday around 7am. The weather was really good again, and the water mostly flat with a slow roll. I didn’t work the engine too hard, and considered getting to the entrance and dropping anchor for a good night’s sleep. As I approached the entrance I realized that I had the tide in my favour and two hours of daylight . . . why not go further?!

Of course my trusty Lugger 1066T engine decided to act up right about the time I put the pedal to the metal! I slowed back down and called Lugger Bob (not his real name) and he diagnosed my problem in about 3 seconds. Nothing serious, but last night I did tighten my fuel intake line to prevent air getting into the fuel and causing the engine to lose power.

I decided to run up the ICW to Adam’s Creek anchorage; about 13 miles, to avoid all of the boats, tides and noise of the city. The tide started by pushing me as fast as 8.2 knots. Things were looking good so far. I didn’t slow down though so the pictures of dolphins were quick snaps. I did see a LOT of dolphins yesterday, on the run into port and for about 5 miles up the ICW, dolphins were everywhere feeding. These creatures always bring a smile to my face. This time I have pictures, I hope they bring a smile to your face too!

Dolphins feeding in the inlet/basin
You can stop along here to buy (or perhaps sell) your seafood
By far, the prettiest fishing boat I have seen on the East coast so far
Just another view of Adam’s Creek

The help from the tide didn’t last too long though and soon I was puttering along at 6 knots again. In the end I ran until I ran out of light and then dropped anchor at the side of the ICW channel, not quite in a good anchorage, but being early spring I wasn’t too worried about traffic. Immediately the wind picked up and my anchor alarm went off!! I simply put out more chain and went back to sleep. (The water was 8′ deep, muddy bottom and good holding. Originally I was expecting no wind so only had 30-40 feet out. I went to 100 feet!)

I was up before dawn to make sure I wasn’t blocking the channel and sure enough two other boats were already moving. I lifted anchor and got underway before 6:30. That provided the opportunity to have a great run today.

That heavy wind was much more than I expected. Winds topped out at 25 knots, but Home Free doesn’t really notice. There was a bit of pitching on the Neuse River where waves were just 2-3 seconds apart, but the waves were never much higher than a foot or two. I basically ran the boat the entire day at 1500 rpm (really slow) and just relaxed while I chugged along.

I did get to see a military vehicle I have never seen before: Here is a power cat (?) that raced past me at probably 30 knots. Super sleek and fast . . .

This is a military craft. AIS says the name is Stiletto, 79ft/39ft, 3.3ft draught and it was travelling at 31.9 knots
Most of the day looked like this when looking forward
This is what things looked like if you looked behind.

In the end, I travelled all the way to the ‘Deep Hole’ anchorage on the Alligator River. That means that tomorrow I should arrive at Atlantic Yacht Basin (two days instead of four!!). Here is what things looked like before the sun went down.

Anchored in the ‘deep hole’ of the Alligator River (it’s 9 feet deep in this spot!)

Tonight, I have my anchor down, I am mostly cleaned up, fed and prepared for tomorrow and as I prepare to sleep, wouldn’t you know it, some branch of the US military is practicing night flights with fighter jets overhead. They are low, fast and loud. At least four of them seem to be scrambling and then returning to land, then come again. That sound is pretty awesome. They keep going around and around!

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  1. Happy to read that things are going well and it’s smooth sailing.

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