Drone Footage (NOG) 2.0

This post is in response to other Nordhavn owners looking for information about the drone that I use on the boat. Since our little owners group is a rather low bandwidth location, I have put up this post to show some of the drone footage.

There is nothing new to add to the world of Home Free . . .

Hattie Cay – Bahamas – February 2021
Near Georgetown – Bahamas – January 2021
Alligator River – Shortened

5 thoughts on “Drone Footage (NOG) 2.0

  1. Great videos Don!

  2. The third one is coming through at 720p I hope you have the return to home function active on that drone!

    1. Thanks Peter. Yes. And one of the reasons that I chose the drone that I did, is due to that feature as well as the obstacle avoidance. I like toys that allow me to be mildly competent by covering up my mistakes. FWIW, the range of that drone is about 8km clear line of sight, and that breaks the rules of drone navigation in every country I have used it, so I rarely get beyond 1km away. The law states that you have to be able to see your drone visually at all times. It is hard to pick out past 500m and 1km is only for those abandoned places where there is no risk of hitting something or someone if you lose sight of the drone.

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