Ready To Go Home

November 17, 2021

Home Free is tied up at Palmetto Bay Marina on Hilton Head Island where she will stay for a few weeks. There is a long story about all of the reasons why the boat came back North, but the key is that Home Free will be mostly inactive for the next 2-3 months while we enjoy some winter fun, Christmas at home and let the post-COVID crush of boating play out.

Much of this is thanks to my new friends Regan and Lynne who I met at Atlantic Yacht Basin. They helped secure a spot for Home Free here when there was nowhere to be found for long term storage. Last night I also had the opportunity to join them for dinner (The Sage Room) which was fantastic. A great meal with good conversation.

My crew flew home on the weekend and I came up the coast on my own in modestly good weather. While I would love to stay on Home Free for longer, it is too cold in Hilton Head, and the project list will still be here when I get back.

When I arrived (very tired) I completely forgot that I still need a COVID PCR test to get home. Finding a location on Tuesday was pretty easy, but it sent me to the opposite end of the island. The one to two day turnaround time means the earliest I can fly out is Thursday, and I hope to get a negative result back by then. I took the opportunity to use the electric scooter and travel the six miles each way. The bike paths on Hilton Head are fantastic for scooters!! The island is beautiful to be sure and I look forward to visiting once or twice more through the winter to explore a little bit more.

Here is a rather choppy video of the area where the boat is resting.

Palmetto Bay Marina – Hilton Head

That’s probably the end of blogging until after Christmas. Thanks for reading everyone!

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