Drone’s Up!

March 18, 2022

The wind has died and the drone went up . . . here are some videos from this morning to help understand where we are.

In many ports there is only 6 feet of water, sometimes less. Here is one of the barges used to move goods around. Another two barges went out within the last hour.

Moving Goods in the Bahamas

Jinhee will be leaving tomorrow. Here is a short snippet of where we will be docking for the night so she can get to the airport.

Home Free at Anchor

As many know, Hurricane Dorian destroyed the Abacos in 2019, and the recovery has been uneven. The snippet below shows some of the destruction that still besets Marsh Harbour. Some houses are well underway on being rebuilt.

The Destruction in Marsh Harbour is still evident

When we anchored here two days ago, we were the only boat. Yesterday, there were many boats anchored on the reef (awesome snorkeling) and overnight a few trawlers joined us, including Nordhavn 76 “Ammonite” which is a monster boat. Apparently it is available for charters if you want a little taste of the Nordhavn world.

A short video of Nordhavn 76 Ammonite (Home Free is the little boat on the right!)

One use for the drone in these clear waters is to check on the anchor. You can see the anchor in the video. Of course putting a mask and snorkel on and going for a swim is also a fun way to do it!

Finding the anchor with the Drone

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