Back in Toronto

June 2, 2022

Just a short note to say that the boat is tied up safely and my crew and I have returned home.

Because we have schedules (there is an election in Ontario today!), we ran pretty hard up the ICW and into the Chesapeake, but the boat worked well as usual and my crew was amazing. I did fail to move all of the drone footage and photos from the SLR camera over, so this is a short post, with almost no details and no photos. As I said previously, my crew has made me lazy.

While my ulterior motive was to move the boat away from the path of hurricanes, the real purpose was to reconnect with Chris and Paul after many, many years. Perhaps the next reunion will include even more old friends, and more catching up on family, old stories and creating some new memories.

Thank you Paul and Chris. Let’s not wait 34 years to do it again.

3 thoughts on “Back in Toronto

  1. Simon Pendlebury June 6, 2022 — 1:18 am

    Now that you’re no longer working on the boat full time you can start to look for other toys –

    1. Very cool!

  2. I got home at 2:00am. My sweet wife waiting for me at the airport. Had a good rest now back at the office sorting out a few issues.

    Let’s not wait a long time again.

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