Sundowners In Sweden

June 7, 2022

I wasn’t in Toronto very long. Jinhee has work commitments in Sweden, so we decided to make a mini vacation of it.

Last weekend we travelled to Stockholm and then drive to Gothenburg to see the city. It was a national holiday so the city was packed. We mostly walked around and saw the Gothenburg art museum, and the main shopping avenue on Sunday, followed by the Slottskogen garden on Monday before driving to Askersund where we will spend the week. Sorry to have forgotten photos yet again!

At this time of year, the sky never gets dark this far north. Sundown starts and just keeps going, with an actual sunset around 10pm. For those familiar with the boating tradition of sundowners, a beverage or two while watching the sunset, that’s a loooong time to be consuming sundowners. We are doing our best.

If you ask Jinhee, I’m here to keep her company, but I had far more selfish motives. I came to ride a bike in a new country. Over the winter I picked up a really cool bike that can break apart (titanium frame with S&S couplers for the bike enthusiasts) and it travels as regular luggage.

This … becomes …
This. I fear the travel gods are frowning on my extravagance.

Unfortunately the current travel hell meant a delayed arrival in London, a switch of airlines and missing bags. I don’t yet have a bicycle, so my plans are dashed. tomorrow I may get a bicycle without one wheel. Or a wheel without a bicycle. Either way, hiking seems to be the future!

Today, while Jinhee worked, I went for a hike. A little exercise is good, and things here look a lot like central Ontario, but with funny names and different flora and fauna.

A path in the woods
Another path in the woods
Slightly different flora

Perhaps I will update with pictures from a bike ride soon. For now I will go watch the sunrise begin (it’s 2am, so that is a weak attempt at humour, caused by extreme fatigue, caused by jet lag. )

2 thoughts on “Sundowners In Sweden

  1. Nice trip enjoy. Hope Nike appears !!

    1. Thanks Peter. Lots of wonderful plants here that could use your identification skills! I would take more pictures but then I would obsess about another thing.

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