California, The End

June 26, 2022

On Friday, We started pretty early and took a drive down the Avenue of Giants, a drive through the giant redwoods. With a few stops along the way to explore the forest and a gift shop or two.

The mirth of the day was created when we were still in Scotia and passing the local mill. One of the signs said ‘chip trucks’. Jinhee, being a good Canadian wanted me to take her to the chip truck for some fries. It took a few moments of explanation to explain the mill produced wood chips and they were probably inappropriate to assuage her hunger.

The drive through the forest was amazing as much for the conversations with others (the old couple in the Winnebago Travago and the gay couple from Florida who are moving to Vancouver island to avoid the political environment in Florida) as for the scenery.

Did I mention the trees are huge? The split in this tree is about 25’ off the ground. See next picture.
Again, just massive…
Dyerville – wiped out in a series of floods between 1930 and 1966
Walking along the river in downtown Petaluma

While walking back to the hotel (Hotel Petaluma), there was a protest against the morning’s Supreme Court ruling striking down Roe vs. Wade. If there is a piece of history to note in this blog, this next step in the descent of the USA into paternal oligarchy/religious idealism/destruction of human rights, this would be the thing to remember. The trees will last for another 1000 years likely, but democracy and freedom continue to suffer serious setbacks by the white right and religious zealots in the USA. The motley group holding placards clearly don’t understand the system if they think that will change the Supreme Court. It’s sad, really.

In the evening, we went looking for a park to enjoy a small picnic, but there was little appropriate in Petaluma (it’s a bit rough around the edges there) so we went driving, and still failing to find a picnic area, we found the wonderful scenery below. Another majestic view, completely by accident and quite breathtaking.

Looking down into Petaluma from the nearby hills

In the morning we drove to Santa Rosa (nothing to see there) then back north to the Russian River Valley. I took an hour or so to ride my bike through some of the valley to Bohemian Creamery, we didn’t stay there as it was not well run.

From there we went to Hannah brewery and enjoyed that immensely.

Finally after some wine and cheese (the cheese was from Penny Royal, we brought it with us), we drove to San Francisco to stay by the airport.

The journey back took us across the Golden Gate Bridge for the second time and this trip provided a more typical experience (I think) as fog was rolling in from the sea, partially obscuring scenery along the way.

Finally,after some delays this morning, we are aboard a plane back to Toronto. Another adventure complete, and back to work for Jinhee. That’s all for a little while.

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