Hello Bahamas

January 21, 2023

Welcome back to the Home Free adventure. There is so much to write, and it would be easy to just ignore everything that has transpired, but I will be filling this space with notes for the next week I think to cover it all.

For now, I know some family and friends are probably curious about our progress, location and plans, so a short post to kick off the new year.

First of all, merry Christmas, happy new year, and we wish you the best in 2023. I wrote a long email recapping our year (2022) that never made it past the draft stage. We particularly appreciated the updates from family and cruising friends. Sorry we didn’t get one out. The snow disrupted our plans.

Our island home during the Christmas blizzard

We did escape Canada in mid January and arrived at the boat to prepare for a long, long time away from North America.

Jinhee has been adding food, I have been adding boat parts and we have had various service people checking, fixing and generally making our days exciting.

We were able to make some new friends on the docks and keep in touch with some old friends there too. It may be the last time we end up in Florida for a very long time.

Later I will detail some of the extensive changes we have made in the past couple of months, but this post is just to say goodbye to Florida and hello to the Bahamas!

Here we are beside a tidied up Home Free

Ready … Set …


Our first Bahamian sunrise from this morning …

Freeport at Sunrise

3 thoughts on “Hello Bahamas

  1. Enjoy the Bahamas and beyond. Hope you both have a great adventure!!

  2. Safe travels.

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