Eleuthera – Glass Window and Queens Bath

January 27, 2023

We woke up early this morning to be productive and we were.

Queen’s Baths – Drone Shot

We departed the lee of Meeks Patch before it became the windward side, and also to time passage through Current Cut, which is so named because if you catch it at mid-tide, it is common to have 10 knot currents in the cut. With Home Free’s ever so efficient (read ‘slow’) engine, we would never get through the cut.

The answer is to travel through at slack tide. This morning one of those occurred around 9:30 am. We entered the cut just after low tide and with a little bit of a push, transiting with zero problems.

Then turning to the East we headed toward Goulding Cay where the anchoring is good, the shelter from an East wind is awesome and there are cool features on the land to see.

The ‘Glass Window’ is a key feature here (and no, there is no window glass) as well as the Queen’s Baths. We took the opportunity to get the drone out and see what we could do with that. Frankly, Don didn’t do so well with the drone, perhaps out of practice. The videos are a bit overexposed and washed out, but you can imagine how pretty this would be from the air at least! At least we tried.

Check out the videos below to see more.

The ‘Glass Window’ highlighting the blues of the open ocean vs. that of the Bahamian side
The Queen’s Baths would be a pleasure on a calmer day

After that there was a walk on a beach, some work on the boat and then we come up with a plan for tomorrow.

Bye for now

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