Sunday, March 10, 2018

After my arrival in Athens, I began prepping the boat to move South, and Saturday morning I chose Nisos Idra (Hydra Island) for my first visit after departure.


Backing up a little bit, I had the local Wolf/Sub-Zero repair guys out (again) to fix the fridge.  They installed a new compressor for the freezer and it worked for about four hours and then . . . Oh well.   On Friday afternoon they graciously came out again to figure it out, and now I need a new part . . . it will take 2 weeks for it to arrive from the US and I am not staying in Athens any longer.   I will simply have to return to Athens at a later time to get the new part installed.

So on Saturday morning, bright and early, I threw off the lines and made my way South to Idra.  The water was mostly flat, there was no wind and it was 20C again.  Someone at the docks suggested Idra because it is pretty and has no cars.  The downside of course is that it also has no roads.   I haven’t been riding the bike for a couple of days but I have been walking around.

Tomorrow I will move on, despite a forecast for some strong winds, my anchor is not holding well here and the better bet is to simply pull up anchor and move on.  Currently I am Med moored with my anchor in front to hold me off the rocks.  It didn’t set well, and in light winds it hasn’t been a problem, but if the high winds do make it into this harbour I suspect it will be problematic.

The batteries are fine, the only piece of technology that I may need and haven’t tested yet is the davit (crane) for lifting the dinghy, and I will test that early in the week.

Below are some pictures to highlight the colour and beauty of this island.

Enjoy the pictures!!


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