Make Up Your Mind

November 11, 2020

First off, a shout out to all of those who gave up their lives for the freedom we enjoy. Lest we forget, thank you!

Today Paul and I were up before the sun had a chance and pulled the anchor looking to make 72 miles in the ICW. This is difficult on the best of days. Today tropical storm Eta decided to play hide and seek with Florida and still we came close at somewhere around 65 miles.

Yesterday as I posted my short update, all indications were that Eta was going to head straight North and hit the Florida panhandle. Alas, the storm went back to the original plan and is now hammering Tampa and environs just North of there. The outer bands reach all the way across and were giving those of us on the East coast a steady 25 knots of wind from the South and gusts into the upper 30s.

Tropical Storm Eta – Coming back to haunt us

In any case we have now dropped anchor in the lee of a bridge on the way south, close to Cocoa Beach and will get a good night’s sleep before heading further South tomorrow.

I am pleased that today I found many new followers . . . unfortunately, they didn’t find me interesting enough to follow me for very long, but for about an hour or so they crowded around and followed me like a star.

In the end, a barge filled with ugly dirty stuff passed and so Home Free wasn’t the belle of the ball anymore, and my followers departed.

Safely anchored . . .

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