4 thoughts on “Some Photos

  1. Hi Don, Beautiful pictures! I’m very much enjoying your adventures. Keep them coming. Thanks

    1. Thank you Aunt Lani. I am trying to write less often, but there are so many things to describe . . . I am glad you are enjoying the posts.

  2. Hi Don, I can see you are in Povlja, Brac. There is a superb restaurant at the Western end of the Inlet that you are in. You can take a bouy and go ashore. What did you think of Korcula? It looks like you two are spending some quality time together. Regards, David.

    1. Hi David,

      Just a night in Povlja, and then a nice bike ride this morning (okay, nice for me. There are only two directions on Povlja, up and down so it was a lot of effort for a very short ride. In any case, we ate at a nice restaurant on the Western end, but there were really only two open so not sure if it is the one you intended.

      Korcula was a very nice town. I will go back with Jinhee late next week, it is the kind of town she will love. Povlja, probably not. I need to find a public dock near a long road. My legs need a 150-200km ride. Suggestions?

      I hope Megan is enjoying herself. After this she starts working. It is nice to see her relaxing after 5 years of school stress!

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