Vacation with Family

August 8, 2019

The family vacation is well underway and we are tied up again in Split, Croatia.  There are many interesting stories to tell, but this post may be too short to tell them all.

Tom, Chris and Abby arrived and on the way to the airport (about 4km from the boat) I was caught in the usual, stop and go traffic that one should expect in a town of 1000 people.   I was really daydreaming a bit and wasn’t paying attention, then I caught it . . . the car in front of me was carrying Ontario plates.  Hmmm.  A migrant that took his car with him, or a stolen car??

Ontario Plates in Tivat Montenegro?!

Tom and Chris arrived, did the appropriate amount of boat compliments and then got on to having fun.   Hanging close to Tivat for a couple of days (waiting for Jinhee), they explored the town, did some groceries, and then we headed for Kotor.

I stayed with the boat while the Kim’s did a tour of the town.   It is a beautiful view from the water (I will have to take a photo later, I didn’t get one) and a view that I have never noticed from the bike.   Kotor has a wall up into the mountain and it is lit up at night.  Very pretty.

IMG_3688I know I have posted photos from my rides up the mountain before, but here are a couple again.

Switchbacks on the way out of Kotor
The view from about 40% of the way up the mountain

On Saturday we checked out of Tivat (Montenegro) and pulled into Cavtat (Croatia) where we dropped anchor and waited for Jinhee to fly in (the Dubrovnik airport is 5km from Cavtat).

From there we have visited a number of islands (Miljet, Korcula, Brac, and finally we have arrived in Split.   We have divided our time between tying up to docks and anchoring out.

Abby has enjoyed the swimming and flying along in the dinghy which has two speeds (due to a leak in the carburetor flange).   All passengers seem to appreciate really, really fast over painfully slow.

The boat has been exercised more than ever over the past few days and some problems have popped up but we continue along, solving them as we go, best that we can.

Here are some of the photos capturing moments along the way.

Christina and Abby cuddling in the pilothouse berth (Abby’s favourite sleeping spot)
Another ‘tree tunnel’, this one at Blato (Korcula). I love riding through these!
A Yacht ‘factory’ outside of Blato, Korcula. A total surprise while riding my bike.


Paddling at Blatni Rat (A beach on Brac)

That’s it for now . . .

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  1. Oh, we’re on a trip to three Baltic countries on a 60-year-old trip.I am traveling for 9 days and will return home next Monday.

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