Well, That Didn’t Work

June 1, 2020

The caution being shown by our government over COVID-19 is well founded of course, but it is now impacting Home Free unfortunately.

On Friday I made an attempt to cross the border to captain the boat to safety (from hurricanes), but was rejected at the border.   While US border services suggested that I may be able to cross at an airport (this discrepancy is somewhat baffling), I think that the time has passed for me to make this effort before we take possession of our ‘new to us’ house later this month.

When the border does open I will probably be bolting to the US to begin moving the boat.   I haven’t secured crew for this (super fast, no sightseeing) adventure yet and if anyone is seeking to go for a few days with almost no sleep, spend time 100 miles off shore in the Gulf Stream and then suffer a 14 day quarantine after returning home, let me know.  I may ask for your help.

Some of you may also be interested in my ramblings on the market.  I have essentially moved those posts to a different blog if you are interested.  www.unusualviews.com

I don’t do any of this writing for compensation (at least not yet) and so it is just a repository for the work that I do most days anyway and documents many of the insights that I have on markets, the economy and every once in a while I may even post about some great investment that makes sense (I mentioned REI and oil/gas a few weeks ago, and I remain confident that investments in the resource sector will pay off over the intermediate to long term (1-5 years) if the world doesn’t completely blow up) .

The posts will pick up when life on the boat, bike (and maybe the house in the country) regain some sense of normalcy.

I hope this post finds all of you healthy and happy as can be given these unsettling times.

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