The Storm

February 2, 2021

(Note that this is an older post, that I just made public.)

As we turn in for the night we are very pleased that the worst of the storm has finally passed through. Winds in the basin seem to be down enough that it is hard to notice them. The weather report says 17 knots, but other than some flags flying pretty wildly and the odd rocking of the boat, the storm has passed.

Last night was not the same. It was raucous tied to the dock and some of the sailboats were bouncing wildly despite being secured well. We have every single line we own tied to something and are still getting tossed about a little bit.

We heard from our friends Elie and Sofia that their spot at Rock Sound (Eleuthra) was apparently not so lucky. With steady winds over 40 knots for hours, a number of boats pulled out pilings and anchors were deployed to hold boats in place. Sounds very scary.

The day today was very windy, but the worst seems to have passed. An interesting observation today was the water on the east side of the island. Normally this beach has pretty significant waves. Today, in the lee of the storm, it was almost perfectly flat.

The lee side of Highbourne – flat as a pancake in 30 knot winds

Due to Jinhee’s work requirements we will take a very safe option and stay tied to the dock one more night (Wednesday), anchor for a night (Thursday) and then head to Nassau.

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