The Plan Is No Plan

October 2, 2022

We are bundled up at our house in Canada as hurricane Ian sucks all of the air out of our part of Canada. We are also fielding all kinds of inquiries about our plan. I thought I would write a short post to let everyone know that the focus right now is to avoid planning.

The clock on Jinhee’s office responsibilities ran out on Friday and was met abruptly with champagne and a quiet game of cards. Her email has changed, phone number remains the same and it would be fair to say she is pretty relaxed.

Given that I have been retired for so long, I know how hard it can be (*HaHaHaHa*), so my goal is to reinforce the concept that there is no plan. Stop planning, just enjoy. Intellectually we get it, practically it will take a while to get used to.

Home Free is sitting in the Chesapeake Bay pretty much right under the remnants of hurricane Ian (the eye has dispersed, but is currently centered about 50 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean), but the winds are not expected to be too bad, and the rain may cause flooding, but that shouldn’t affect our little ship. Overall, things seem to be okay and we are not worried.

Remnants of Ian are pulling air from the North, but the ‘eye’ is out in the Atlantic. We hope it’s dissipating.

We will head to the boat on Friday and then take some time to relax in the Chesapeake bay, before we head south. Marine insurance policies (affordable policies at least) require us to stay north of the 36th parallel until the hurricane season is over on November 1st. After that we will float slowly south until we end up in the Bahamas.

That’s the big plan. The blog will remain silent for a week or two now until we get underway, but then expect us to provide more photos (official photographer will be aboard finally) and more stories about the adventure as we find unusual places to watch the world go by.

Until then…

2 thoughts on “The Plan Is No Plan

  1. No plan is a plan. Enjoy the official retirement.

    1. Thanks Peter!

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