Family Time

April 27, 2023

We went home for for a week and it was a bit of a whirlwind.

We had some non-boat work that needed to be done, the house needed to be looked in on and the family received appropriate proof that we are still alive.

Jinhee took a quick trip down memory lane at her childhood home when she remembered the encyclopedia Britannica set that powered her way through school (go ahead, ask her anything, she memorized them!) … photo removed on orders of the admiral 😬

I drove to Niagara to visit my mother, and sister and as most ageing mothers are, she was happy to spend time with me. My sister caught whatever flu was going around and shooed me away. I got sick anyway.

While we were able to prove our corporeal existence we both caught a nasty flu during the visit. Perhaps we should have stayed on the boat. We never get sick on the boat, at least not from viruses.

I always have plenty of nice things to say about the boat, but while home, I took a nice spring walk, and as I did so I remembered clearly why we love to be on Amherst Island where it is serene and beautiful. The grounds are going to need a lot of work when we get back next, but spring is always beautiful.

Serenity . . . Just outside our front door

We also had a wonderful meal with our neighbours Bryan and Charlotte whom we love to catch up with. It was also a nice distraction from the work being accomplished during our visit.

Of course the morning chill and two trips driving through Toronto also reminded me why I love being on the boat.

We are back on the boat today and will enjoy Antigua for a few days before we regain some momentum on our southward journey. We will post pictures along the way.

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