Guadaloupe II

May 13, 2023

We left the anchorage (mooring) in Ilet a Cabrit today, and made our way to Pointe-a-Pitre (Marina bas-du-Fort) to tie to a dock and let Don ride a bike on land. We did enjoy petit-dejeuner on land first though, just in case the bread doesn’t, in fact, get better as we move through the French islands.

Terre-du-haute offers some pretty streets
And the baked goods were exceptionally good

First we spent a bit more time snorkelling and the chief photographer finally figured out how the GoPro works. (Seriously I have a lot of footage and none of it looks good. Jinhee has it figured out.)

Thanks to James and Danielle on N50 Les Voguers for the photo!

Here are some videos, a huge school of fish, a barracuda, a ray and a LOT of colourful fish. It was like swimming in an aquarium really. There were lots of other interesting things to see, but no photos. Eels, worms (?) and more. It’s pretty cool to see it all right in front of your face. The school of fish was particularly thrilling (and I swam through them many times over the past three days.)

Swimming with the barracuda
Kinda boring but some colourful fish, particularly at the end
This one is just fun … watching the fish dance in front of the camera
Beautiful spotted ray at the end

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