Drive to Warsaw

August 30, 2019

Today I left Budapest and drove to Warsaw. I left Budapest around 10:30 (I got my hotel room at 2:30am) and didn’t explore at all. I will be back. The city looks beautiful.

I arrived in Warsaw around 11:30 pm after a dinner stop in Krakow to get a SIM card and a bite to eat.

There was a lot of beautiful scenery, particularly north of Budapest and in Slovakia. I would like to go back and ride there.

I do have my bike with me but driving on these secondary roads makes me too slow (60-70kph speeds) given heavy traffic so I can’t ride and stay on schedule.

Very poor pictures from the driver seat today.

Another interesting bridge

Driving through the foothills
The foothills again. It’s missing perspective because this was taken from the driver seat. I’ve cropped the cars out 🙁
Then the road opened into plains

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