Sitting At Anchor then Oops!

March 12, 2022

Today is mostly a wasted day. The cold front is dropping in on us from the north west, and so we planned to stay at anchor in this little bay (White Sound), perhaps rent a golf cart and tour the island and kick back a bit. The only thing we got done was sitting at anchor.

But not really just that. We finally went over to meet Brad and Lorraine on N55 Adventure and their boat is pretty nice. A lot better laid out than our boat and a lot of new upgrades. Talking with them reminds us just how much our boat is likely to cost to get it ready when Jinhee retires. Yikes.

We tried to rent a golf cart, but they are all being used. Many were lost during Hurricane Dorian as we understand it, so they are somewhat hard to get. We decided to stick close to the boat given the winds and the difficulty getting a cart. Just relax, enjoy the day.

Then oops. As we were preparing to relax, we looked out the window and a catamaran, with no one on board, starts passing us. Clearly it had lost its anchor/hold and was bouncing down the shoreline. I alerted the anchorage with some blasts on the horn and then I got in the dinghy to see if I could grab a line or something. No such luck. Shortly there were 5 or 6 people involved and the cat lodged itself up against two poles and near enough to a dock that two were able to climb aboard, start the engines and simply drive the boat to safety.

After clearing their anchor, the boat was taken to a dock (that just opened yesterday) and tied up. No sign of the owners but they may be back on board now. The boat suffered minimal damage and there was much luck for them today. The video below gives some sense of the wind.

We are scheduled to go back to M/Y Adventure for dinner, but as I write this the winds just went up to 35 knots and the boat has done it’s spin (the weather bomb is coming from the North now) so we will hang here to make sure our boat doesn’t get away before we get a good set.

The Weather Bomb. It’s awesome to see it move on Predictwind!

Finally, I tried more debugging of my water problems. To no avail. Just have to keep doing stairs until I get a chance to reverse everything and start again.

Maybe tomorrow we will get out to see some of the world. Maybe then more photos will be possible!

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