Walking and Talking in the Sun

March 16, 2022

We spent the day yesterday relaxing, exploring and hanging out with the crew on Elusive. Today was about getting across Whale Cay Cut (while the winds were down). The water was not difficult at all, and just after crossing, the winds picked up again.

There were a few mega yachts anchored off of Bakers Bay, which is a private (assume expensive) marina and property development just south of Whale Cay.

Mad Summer – Owned by Jeffrey Soffer, the son of a Real Estate Developer
Planet 9 – Owned by Nat Rothschild (Son of a famous banking family)

We anchored but ended up moving again, settling finally just North of Marsh Harbour.

I finally got the drone up this evening to get some footage of our current bay (Outside Marsh Harbour, not so pretty, but still see the video below if you are interested.)

Moon Over Home Free – anchored just North of Marsh Harbour
Rat Cay from the beach looking out
The ocean side beach was beautiful and deserted. Note the waves on the horizon . . . Yikes.
Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs
Dell, Justin and Terry from Elusive . . . Great company!

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